About Me

Hi I'm Bryant but you can call me zataara. I love technology and building applications. I specialize on the frontend in React using Typescript and Tailwind. On the backend I've worked primarily in Express with Typscript however I've spent the last year building microservcies with Molecular.js.

Tywin and I sitting by the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park

Software Engineer & Full Stack Developer.

There are no mistakes in life, only lessons... No problems, only opportunities...

  • Personality Type: ENFP
  • Enneagram: 3 wing 2
  • Pets: Tywin & Lyra
  • Pronouns: He, Him, His
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Birthplace: Boise, ID
  • Former Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Current Location: Portland, OR

Outside of my interests in technology, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family in the Pacific Northwest. My partner Aimee and I enjoy listening to Electronic Dance Music and attending festivals accross the country. I am passionate about Biohacking the body and frequently practice activities like fasting, ice baths, meditation and breathwork. On a deeper level I sense it is my purpose here on Earth to contribute towards making the planet a more positive, balanced and healthier place for everyone here to live in. Oh and Coconuts are my favorite fruitšŸ„„!


Ranked by confidence level:

Googleing 100%
HTML 95%
CSS 80%
JavaScript 80%
React 75%
Rest APIs 75%
Flask 70%
jQuery 60%
SQL 60%
Jest 60%
Figma 50%
Git 95%
Lightroom 80%
Chrome DevTools 80%
Python 70%
Agile 60%
Photoshop 55%
Express.js 50%
Bash/Shell 50%
Redux 10%


Here is a collection of some of the projects I have put together:


Code | Deployment

CarbonSight is a web app that allows users to estimate and visualize their Carbon Footprint from activites like driving vehicles, traveling on airplanes, and using electricity at home.

Technologies: Flask, Bootstrap, axios, bcrypt, wtforms, jQuery, REST APIs, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL.


Code | Deployment

A cryptocurrency exchange where users can trade mock digital assets in real time. App live refreshes using CoinGecko's API. All users are given $1000 USDT upon registration, may add cryptos to a watchlist and can browse crypto news.

Technologies: React, Tailwind CSS, REST APIs, PostgreSQL.


Code |

A Twitter Clone. Users can login in, write tweets, follow other users and favorite tweets.

Technologies: Flask, Bootstrap, axios, bcrypt, wtforms, jQuery, REST APIs, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL.


Feel free to reach out to me about jobs, projects or any tech talk!


Portland, OR 97266


1 503.421.0374

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